Roffa Series


Roffa Series is a casual collection of tank tops, shirts, baby rompers, bags en socks – all hand-printed with iconic Rotterdam themes. Roffa Series is the perfect way to show some love for Rotterdam. Also check on the top-piece of our collection – the great Roffa Jacket !


Roffa Shirt comes as a classic unisex T-shirt, made of 100% cotton in an airy, comfortable soft slub yarn.  Roffa shirt comes printed in different styles: ‚Santa Claus’, the iconic Markthal & Blaaktoren and flourescent orange ships. Go Roffa style!


Size:  M         

Price: €  35,-



Roffa Tank Top is a fun unisex top in an oversize cut, made from easy to care for, fast drying polyester fibre. Our print o the Roffa Tank Top is ‚Santa Claus’ by Paul McCarthy. Go Roffa style!


Sizes:  S & M

Price: €  30,-



Roffa Socks are classic white tennis socks, made of an easy to care for cotton-polyester-mix. Roffa Socks are hand-printed with Markthal & Blaaktoren and ‚Santa Claus’. Go Roffa style!


Sizes:  43-46

Price: €  10,-



Roffa Bag is a large shopping bag, generously cut for plenty of space. Roffa Bag is made of 100% rugged, non-bleached canvas.  Roffa Bag sports the ‚Santa Claus’ print in black and white, fluorescent ships, and Markthal & Blaaktoren. Go Roffa style!


Price: €  25,-



Our Roffa Romper is a unisex baby-romper made from pure, soft, white cotton. Roffa Romper is printed with either our ship-theme, Markthal & Blaaktoren or bright green Parakeets. Go Roffa style!


Size:  74-80 (average 6-12 months)

Price: €  15,-



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