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Hi, I am Simone. I grew up in rural Thuringia, on the east side of the German wall. People say I was a stubborn and curious kid, also a talented one. With the fall of the wall I was 14, suddenly new doors where opening. I went on studying autonomous art, photography and product design and had divers temporary working experiences. In 2002 I applied for working at ‘Atelier van Lieshout’ (AVL), therefore moved to Rotterdam and fell in love with this authentic – and at that time rough – city immediately.


Ever since I can remember I love to make up ideas and turn them into objects. A few years ago I started using the label ‘es.ontwerp’, which now features a small collection of interior and fashion products. All items in the es.ontwerp collection share a bold identity, which I guess is also a good deal of my personality: playful, strong-willed, storytelling, and somehow edgy on the border to the autonomous. I allow myself to work without pressure from 3d parties, to take all the decisions myself, to constantly learn new stuff and to therefore enjoy the whole process of doing


Check the site for my past and present work.


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